Our Favorite Shows Have Taken a Break for the Holidays, What Will You Do Now?

New episodes of our favorite shows will not be airing until 2017. You can refer to our calendar for exact dates. If you are anything like me, this is usually a difficult time for you. You may be spending the the holiday season watching boring re-runs or thinking about the cliffhanger that your shows left you on. You are only wondering if your favorite character died on “Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.” or which lover Olivia will choose on Scandal for the umpteenth time. If you think about it these things too much, they give you anxiety.


Thankfully we live in the digital age where shows and movies are within arm’s reach at all times. So for those of you who subscribe to Netflix, here’s a list of great shows and movies you can watch that are now streaming:

  • The Crown
  • Stranger Things
  • Fuller House
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
  • Sons of Anarchy (if you never watched this show when it was on TV, it is definitely one to binge watch)
  • Narcos
  • House of Cards
  • Marvel’s Luke Cage
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones
  • Marvel’s Daredevil
  • Hip-Hop Evolution
  • Brotherly Love
  • Black or White
  • Fruitvale Station
  • Changeling
  • Dope
  • 13th

If you are not a Netflix subscriber, here are some great shows and movies available on Hulu:

  • Dear White People
  • The Path
  • The Awesome
  • Casual
  • The Mindy Project
  • Chance
  • 11.22.63
  • Creed
  • Daddy’s Home
  • The Hunger Games: The Mocking Jay, Parts One and Two
  • Addicted

If you do not subscribe to Hulu or Netflix, I suggest that you do so. If subscribing to a streaming service is out of your means financially, here are is a list of holiday episodes, specials, and marathons on TV, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.



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