Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Boring its Audience?


Before you read this post, please note I LOVE “The Walking Dead.” This blog post is not meant to bash the show at all. I am a huge fan of the show and usually enjoy every episode, even episodes that included “fan favorites,” Beth and Andrea. With that said, “KEEP GOING, ONLY THING HERE IS TROUBLE.”

Earlier this year, I expressed my excitement about the return of the show for its seventh season. However, my excitement has slowly diminished since then. Thankfully, it has not disappeared as slowly as “The Walking Dead” plot has been moving. The shows slow moving plot is not a new occurrence, but it is starting to feel a little ridiculous. Last week, I found myself more entertained by “Once Upon a Time” than “The Walking Dead” which should never ever happen. No shade on “Once Upon a Time,” but I should always be more entertained by “The Walking Dead.” The story on “The Walking Dead,” is usually better and more complex. That was simply not the case last week.

To be honest, this season of “The Walking Dead” has been absolutely boring. So much so that I am under the impression that Robert Kirkman has hopped on the #WasteHerTime2016 bandwagon. Every episode of this season has been a complete disappointment, with the exception of episode one. The absolute worst episodes aired the last two week. Last week was an extended 90-minute episode where NOTHING happened. Which means I lost an additional 30 minutes of my life last week. Carl’s invasion of “The Sanctuary”made the entire episode worth watching, but Carl was only on screen for about 30 minutes in total. the-walking-dead-episode-707-carl-riggs-2-935

The rest was almost pointless. The week before that, we watched Tara for an entire hour. I like Tara, but not enough to watch her character alone for an entire hour. In short, fans are pissed, myself included.

Those fans who aren’t ranting on Twitter have stopped watching the show all together. “The Walking Dead” ratings have dropped to its lowest since season three of the show. Tomorrow is the mid-season finale, my only hope is that it is one hell of an episode with one hell of cliff-hanger. If not, I’m not sure how many people will be clearing their schedule to watch “The Walking Dead”  when season seven continues in 2017.


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