The Election that Demanded Our Attention


This election was certainly an interesting one. It was the first election where I really made my opinions “vocal,” although I am certain it will not be my last. There was no avoiding this election. Last week, TV viewers were forced to watch as the election results came in. Literally, they were forced. Almost every network, including Showtime covered the election.

I personally never cease to find it amazing that the news could be exactly the same on every network, but delivered so differently. Every network invites guests to deliver their different opinions, so even if you are seeing the same results on every channel you are still watching a different show. That is the beauty of journalism.

I was surprised to see some networks coverage the election, these networks include: BET, TVLand, Lifetime, and Comedy Central. Those networks are not exactly praised for having outstanding political coverage. It seemed to me those networks were probably desperate for viewers and should have “stayed in their lane,” as most would say. The election was even live streamed on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. There was literally no avoiding the election. With all of the coverage from Tuesday night, NBC had the highest ratings. The whole thing became a bit overwhelming for me, I am glad it’s over (despite the horrifying results). Do you think the election should be covered by one network, like the Super Bowl, Olympics, or the World Series? I personally would consider the election to be a sporting event.



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