5 Moments ‘The Walking Dead’ Made You Pick Up a Glass Bottle

Since the show premiered in 2010, “The Walking Dead” has continuously pushed us close to the edge. For some of us it was the edge of our seats, for others it was the edge of a cliff. Either way, fans needed a drink or two after watching these moments on the show.


**WARNING** There are spoilers beyond this point.

1. When Merle cut off his own arm.
In season one of “The Walking Dead,” Merle Dixon (Daryl’s big bro) did something that shocked us all. He cut off his own arm after Rick left him handcuffed on a roof.


Did I mention that the building was filled with “walkers?” I probably would have cut off my arm to escape too, but not before a drink…



2. When the Governor killed Hershel.
In season four of the show, The Governor attacks the prison and ultimately kills Hershel. Hershel’s death was far from peaceful. The Governor decapitated him…in front of his family…with Michonne’s katana. It is certainly an image that can only be erased with vodka.



3. When the people of terminus terminated Bob.
Well really, they only terminated his leg. In season five of the show, Rick and the rest of the group fled from Terminus where people engaged in cannibalism. Rick’s group found shelter in a nearby church, but a small group of Terminus survivors managed to catch up with them. Ultimately Bob’s leg ends up getting hacked off and eaten by the Terminus survivors. It’s okay, Bob didn’t mind getting eaten because he knew he was going to die anyway.

“TAINTED MEAT!” Here’s to Bob’s leg!


4. When Sam would not SHUT THE HELL UP.
Sam was a little boy who was horrified all the time. Yes, it’s natural for a little kid to be scared in the zombie apocalypse, but he was scared ALL THE TIME. Sam did what most scared little boys do when walking through a heard of zombies. He got himself, his mom, and his brother killed. Oh wait…only Sam does that. Great job Sam, here’s to you.


5. When we lost Glenn and Abraham.
Last week in the season seven premiere, Glenn and Abraham were murdered by Negan. Negan bashed both of their heads in with a baseball bat until they were completely unrecognizable. It was definitely the hardest episode of “The Walking Dead” to watch in the history of the series. Let’s pour one for Glenn and Abraham…


Join me on Twitter as I live tweet during tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” @IamArthena. “The Walking Dead” airs on AMC at 9 PM ET.


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