Evan Peters’ Return on ‘American Horror Story’


It has been a long month for Evan Peters fans. “American Horror Story” (AHS) is known for slowly introducing its characters, but fans are accustomed to seeing Evan Peters debut in the first episode (with the exception of season five, where he debuted in episode two). This season, fans waited an entire month to see Evan’s sweet face. The moment Evan appeared on screen Twitter reacted with a roar of “FINALLY”s and “THANK YOU”s. My personal reaction was very similar to this: 


Jokes aside, there is a real question that fans would like answered: WHAT THE HELL TOOK EVAN PETERS SO LONG? In this season of AHS, Evan Peters plays Edward Phillipe Mott. Edward Mott is the first homeowner of the haunted house where our main characters (played by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr.) live. He was murdered in 1972 by the Butcher (played by Kathy Bates) and has been haunting the house ever since. In last night’s episode, we learned about Edward’s past and why he haunts the house. Eventually he saves our main characters from meeting the same fate that he did, by stopping a gruesome death at the hands of the Butcher.

If Edward Mott appeared in this season’s first episode, the show would need to get rid of its middle name, “horror.” Let’s be honest, a heroic ghost is not horrifying. The point of AHS is to scare the crap out of us and an early appearance by Edward would have ruined that. Edward Mott plays a key role in connecting season six of “American Horror Story” to its previous chapters. If you have not already heard “American Horror Story” may change plots from season to season, but all the seasons are connected. In this season, Edward Mott’s bloodline was said to end in south Florida. Why does that sound so familiar?


Dandy Mott was the murderous psychopath in “AHS: Freak Show” (season four), which was centered in Florida. Dandy died at the end of season four and was an only child. Was he the end of Edward Mott’s bloodline?


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